Thursday, December 13, 2012

A little math update

We've been progressing and moving along in RightStart Level A, and my kinder girl and I have both been enjoying it. Until sometime in the last two weeks, when between illness, holidays, and other stuff, we didn't get around to math quite as often, and when I kept going forward when we weren't quite fully getting what we were working on. And Cate hit a wall, got frustrated, and seemed to be losing confidence in her math abilities.

I panicked a bit, recovered, and remembered that she has the advantage of one-on-one math with Mama, and we could simply back up, play some math games, and work through the tough spot. It seemed we encountered a problem with adding single digit numbers and two digit numbers. It just wasn't making sense to her...

For example, I'd say, "What is 24 (two-ten four) plus 3?" And there we'd sit:) This week, we went back to counting from 1-100, and I began saying 20 as "twenty" rather than "two-ten" and 30 as "thirty" instead of "three-ten." I love RightStart, but the "__-ten" phrasing was making things more confusing for her. And once we worked that detail out, it suddenly seemed to make sense! We also spent some time writing and talking about the numbers 11-20, which were also problematic. And I think she's seeing now how those numbers work.

And finally, I decided to change up my tone of voice (I was getting frustrated too, and that doesn't help), and keep an eye on her fidgeting...once she starts wiggling, we wrap it up. Those short lessons are so important, aren't they?

Yay for taking your time, going back, working through things, and not feeling the pressure to keep going! Another good reason to be a CM homeschooler:)

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