Curricula We Use

We homeschool using the fabulous bookslists at AmblesideOnline, with a few tweaks for our Catholic beliefs and family preferences.  I'm happy to be a moderator over at the AmblesideOnline Forums, where there is a wealth of help and experience for those interested in implementing AO in their homes.

I'm also grateful to the Ambleside Online community for their digitization of Charlotte Mason's six-volume Home Education, which you can read for free online thanks to their volunteer typists.

Mater Amabilis - a free Catholic Charlotte Mason curriculum

RightStart Math - our favorite math program
Evernote - my organizational e-lifeline

For more details on what books we use when, check out my School Plans page, where I have our plans listed by year and subject.

(A Very Few of My) Favorite E-Reads

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For the Newbie Charlotte Mason Homeschooler

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  1. Hi there. I have been reading your awesome stuff, thank you. Question for you: you have Ambleside and Mater Amabilis- do you use both?

    1. Hi Jenny! I personally use AO, but I really appreciate the work that Mater Amabilis does and am part of the Facebook group for the Catholic CM chat. ;) I occasionally draw religion resources from the MA suggestions too.

  2. Great. Thank you for your rapid reply. I am trying to stuff it all in so that by Monday, at least some will grace our schedule to begin with.

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