Our School Plans

My two oldest are in fifth grade this year, and then I have two students in Form I: my second grade daughter and my first grade son.

I've compiled our learning plans for the past few years in case they're helpful to others using a Charlotte Mason-style of learning with elementary kids, especially those tweaking AmblesideOnline for their Catholic families.

I have this year's current plans at the top, and then the archive of previous years' plans organized below that.

2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR

Gianna and Vincent's Year 5
Year 5 Exams

Cate and Xavier's Form I
Form I Exams

Morning Basket :: Term 1, Terms 2 and 3

Our Paper Plans :: Schedules, Checklists, Chore Charts, and More
My Pre-Reading and Planning Session
Our Weekly Meeting
The School Year in Review :: Notebooks


Our CM Kindergarten:
Food for Thought
The Morning Basket
Nature Study
Art and Music
Free Reading and Listening

Cate's Kindergarten (2014-2015)
Xavier's Kindergarten (2015-2016) and picture booklist

First Grade in Our Home:
Handicrafts, aka Chores:)
Artist Study
Music Study
Memory Work
Free Reading
Exams - Term 1, Term 2, Term 3

Cate's First Grade (2015-2016)
Cate's Exams - Term 1, Term 2, Term 3
The School Year in Review :: Years 4 and 1

Second Grade in Our Home:
Our Daily Schedule
Fine Arts
Free Reading
Summer School
Exams - Term 1, Term 2, Term 3

Third Grade in Our Home:
Our Weekly Schedule
Morning Basket - Term 1, Term 2, Term 3
Exams - Term 1, Term 2, Term 3


  1. Hi Celeste! Our kids are almost the same age as your Cate and Xavier I think (dd9 and ds7 going into years 3 and 1)...I would love to see how you are combining them this year! Your blog is so helpful. Thank you!

    1. Hi Samara! Eventually I hope to get some of my plans for this year up, but it won't be just yet. :) The short answer is that I have them both combined for most of the Year 3 readings, except Xavier is doing history (Our Island Story, Children's History of the World, and The Little Duke) on his own, as is Cate (OIS, CHOW/TCOO, biography, and Children of the New Forest). I did some shifting around here and there, but it's going very smoothly so far. If you remind me via Instagram, I can take a quick snap of my over-arching book breakdown for them and send it to you. ;)

  2. Thanks! I will IG you. but no worries! I mean, new baby and all!!!! :D

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