Monday, October 8, 2012

Mama's Journal

I kept my word and gave nature journaling a try, much fun! I actually didn't want to stop working, but these kids of mine continue to demand dinner everyday:) I started simple, with leaves and spruce cones, but I hope to try something bigger and more complicated this week. Maybe a bird or a full tree. I used watercolor pencils to draw and a Micron pen to write names and dates. I'm very proud of my first efforts, and, as you can see, my little artists helped me make quite a mess of our table:) 


  1. Lovely work, Angela!! And your table looks so inviting...I can smell fall just looking at that candle burning. :)

  2. Your work is lovely. And the table too! I don't see a mess, I see a number of projects under way. If you could see our school table right now.. Yes, believe me, yours is lovely!

  3. Thank you Celeste and Amanda! So fun to have a new project during my most favorite time of year:)