Wednesday, April 26, 2017

{From My Commonplace} :: Spring Partridges

"Very soon the first bluebird came flying over and warbled as he flew, The spring is coming. The sun kept gaining, and early one day in the dark of the Wakening Moon of March there was a loud Caw, caw and old Silverspot, the king crow, came swininging along from the south at the head of his troops and officially announced,

"All nature seemed to respond to this, the opening of the birds' New Year, and yet it was something within that chiefly seemed to move them. The chickadees went simply wild; they sang their Spring now, spring now now -- Spring now now, so persistently that one wondered how they found time to get a living.

"And Redruff felt it thrill him through the through.  He sprang with joyous vigor on a stump and sent rolling down the little valley again and again a thundering Thump, thump, thunderrrrrrrrr, that wakened dull echoes as it rolled and voiced his gladness in the coming of the spring."

-- from Seton's Wild Animals I Have Known

(Seton's partridges made me smile because I have a few birdies of my own who seem to go wild with joy and life when spring arrives. I'm guessing you do too.)


  1. What a happy quote. Truly, there is nothing like spring!

    1. Besides the allergies that come with spring, our outings for the last few weeks have been such a balm for all of us! Hope you're experiencing the same seasonal excitement where you are. :)