Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Announcing: The Coralean Islands!

Exciting news: Gianna has a new novel out! The Coralean Islands is the second book in her Four Red Banners series. (She published the first book, Four Red Banners, a couple years ago.)

I honestly enjoyed this story even more than the last. It picks up where Four Red Banners left off but centers on the royal brothers. Here's the book description:

The Coralean Islands have been suddenly attacked by an enemy neighbor, and King Colan and his army are headed to defend their territory. But deeper trouble than war awaits them there. Colan and his cousin Marius have a serious quarrel that threatens once again to divide loyalties throughout the army. Meanwhile the Acrosians become trapped in a ravine, and as the enemy begins to surround them, Prince Hector makes a weighty decision that he hopes will end both the quarrel and the war. But it has consequences he didn't expect, not only for himself but for everyone he loves.

You can find it on Amazon!


  1. I sure miss your regular posts! :)

    1. Hi Jessica! I am actually in the process of getting my blog redesigned and hope that means I'll be posting more often -- I'm excited about it as a summer project! :)

  2. Wow. So cool. I enjoyed your blog for a time and look forward to your new posts! I am a mom of 4 and growing. We homeschool, I got inspiration from your blog to use Mother Loyola's books.