Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nature Study Group-Outing 1

Celeste and I took our kids to a local park this morning to observe some ducks in a pond, and it was delightful. Another homeschooling mommy and her littles joined us, and we will have one more family when we are in full swing. Despite the increasing temperatures, the kids all took great interest in watching the ducks, feeding them, and doing some sketches of what they saw. This will be a weekly event at various locations, and I can't wait to see what they discover and notice about the natural world. Here are some photos we took, and some of the journal work. Celeste, I love the addition of their narratives on yours....we'll work on that after dinner while we tell Daddy about our adventures!


  1. Their narratives are so funny sometimes! Gianna's today: "There were maybe 46 mallards." LOL I let them dictate and just write out exactly what they tell me. They used to want to try and write their own, but they found it slow-going and frustrating when they had *so much* to say. ;)

  2. The children's pictures are great, but what I love is your handwriting! Beautiful! Did you learn a particular style?

  3. Ah, thank you, Phyllis! No, no particular style--just what it ended up looking like over time. :)