Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In a day...

I was so inspired by your "feast" last Sunday, Celeste, that I decided to serve one up myself!

{Singing a St. Martin song in preparation for our little celebration this weekend, and reading his story in The Children's Book of Saints
{Reciting "The Swing"
{Playing math games and working on all the ways to add to 10
{Lots of made up games in the backyard, birds spotted, squirrels chased
{The story of St. Peter and the keys to the kingdom
{The Three Little Bears
{Two nice long chapters in Mary Poppins, read under blankets on the couch, with a candle lit and coffee for Mama:)
{Poems over tea and gingerbread
{German practice, including numbers 1-10 and how to say "My name is..." and "How are you?"
{Cate decided to make a map of "How we get to Tahoe." Looking forward to Thanksgiving much?
{A million questions asked, including "If everything has a purpose, then what is our purpose?" A perfect time to explain that we are here to praise God, show kindness and love, and to help each other to Heaven.

It's Kindergarten. And isn't it so sweet?

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  1. Sweet indeed--sounds delicious. :) And The Swing is one of my very favorites.