Sunday, November 11, 2012


Today is the feast day of St. Martin of Tours, and last night, we did a little family celebration to honor this wonderful saint. We worked all week on memorizing our lantern song, studying the El Greco painting, and reading the *great* story from Family in Feast and Feria. We also made some simple lanterns. I bought a small, see-through paint can at Michael's, printed out a coloring page of St. Martin cutting his cloak in two which each of the kids colored, and we taped it inside the can. When we put battery-powered candles inside...voila! Lovely colored picture shining through!
Here are some other ways we celebrated:
*Took a load of donations to Goodwill, including blankets for this cold time of year
*Made a warm supper to enjoy. Tuscan bean soup, arancini, and an almond cake for dessert.
*Sang our song nice and loud while parading on our back lawn:)

I have never celebrated this day before, and I'm so glad we did. It is especially popular in Germany and Switzerland, so it was a perfect tie in to our first week of German lessons. The idea of the warmth and light of Christ shining in the darkness, and tangible, do-able acts of charity are very appealing for this Mama.  And since today is Veterans' Day, let us ask St. Martin to pray for us, that we will be charitable, and for our soldiers, protecting our freedom.

Dear well-beloved Saint, you were first a soldier like your father.
Converted to the Church, you became a soldier of Christ, a priest and then a Bishop of Tours. Lover of the poor, and model for pagans and Christians alike, protect our soldiers at all times. Make them strong, just, and charitable, always aiming at establishing peace on earth. Amen.


  1. How lovely, did you make the lanterns?

  2. I love the combination of activities you did together--and it sounds like such a festive little procession you had out back!