Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nature Study Outing - Week 16

We are easing slowly back into our school schedule, still mostly operating on "holiday mode" as we spent some of the last week preparing to celebrate Epiphany.  But we did meet up with our nature study group this week, so I thought I would pop on here to share a couple peeks at our outing.  We went back to our city park to see the geese and ducks again--definitely a favorite place for the kids.  After the cold spell we have had, the weather was sunny and the skies were clear, and it was a lovely morning outside for all of us.  

Alongside the usual geese and waterfowl, there were a few new varieties there that I still need to identify.  It is such fun to watch them waddling around--though the littlest children of our group were sure to keep a safe distance from the "scary ones." ;)

As you can see, gorgeous blue skies--glad we were able to enjoy them while they lasted, because it's back to rain today!

Wishing you a Happy Epiphany!

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