Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Brightest and Most Joyous Abodes

I am reading a wonderful, old book about St. Angela Merici, called St. Angela and the Ursulines (1880). Can we all just pause a moment and give thanks for Google books and ipads to read them on? So wonderful.

I know next to nothing about my patron saint, which I guess is no surprise given that a) I wasn't raised Catholic, and b) my parents have no idea who St. Angela Merici is. They just liked the name :/
I decided to remedy that deficiency, and I came across a wonderful passage in my reading which I want to share. It really speaks to the joy to be found in a Catholic, Charlotte Mason education, and the duty mothers have to provide quality "mind food" for our little ones.

"We should be greatly in error, were we to imagine that the home of the Merici was an austere and joyless home, or that any one of their children was either condemned or allowed to lead the life of a recluse. The brightest and most joyous abodes are those of truly Christian parents, whose souls are lifted up by the consciousness of the divine friendship. There are mothers who make it one of their chief cares to make the cup of delight they daily prepare for their children as deep and full as they can, precisely because the happiness they enjoy with their dear ones is most innocent, and because they are careful to keep away from these guileless souls even the remotest thought of evil in their home amusements and pleasures....To preserve childhood and youth from the least stain of sin, it is necessary, first of all, to cultivate in the soul the love of all that is good and beautiful, for His dear sake, who has made this world so bright only to remind His children of the Eternal Home; and next, to preserve these innocent souls not only from the contact of evil, but from all knowledge and thought of it."

Isn't that lovely? May we all prepare such lovely cups of delight for our children. 

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this quote. What a wonderful perspective on the rearing of children. I have to admit that our cup of delight today was not all that deep or full--perhaps more like a shot glass. LOL But I'll try my best to pour a nice big glass that tastes of Heaven here tomorrow.

    By the way, my situation is the same--definitely not named for any saint on purpose, but Celeste Marie means Mary of the Heavens, so I have taken the Assumption as my feast day. I totally think saints choose people, not necessarily the other way around--and it sounds like it's that way in your case too!