Friday, September 27, 2013

Saying goodbye

Hello blog friends!

I am stopping by today to sign off of this lovely blog.

Over the past few weeks, our lives have been in a bit of upheaval and that has meant some school changes too. My dear, sweet, outgoing, curious girl has been making noise for awhile about wanting to "go to school," something I fought tooth and nail for several weeks. We recently moved into a very small town-esque area with a wonderful, small elementary school. We moved for many reasons, but one reason was to have this district as our homeschooling back-up plan. I didn't imagine we would need it...I felt solid on homeschooling, though I knew it would pose its challenges. Well, I have been having some health issues, we are still in the midst of construction, and life is sort of chaotic at the moment. The more we looked at our girl, the more we saw her personality and needs, and the more it became clear that school might just be wonderful for her. It would also provide some space for me to address things in my life and regain some balance. So, I prayed and cried a lot, talked to our (wonderful) priest, and my husband and I decided this was a good move for all of us. She has been there all week, and is happy, having fun, learning, and I am feeling good about the choice we made. It's not perfect. Nothing is. But it is good.

I'll still be peeking in all the time to see what my dear friend Celeste and her little troops are up to. I'm so pleased to know and love them "in real life," and I know there will be many wonderful homeschool stories shared in this space. And you never know what the future holds...maybe I'll be back in the homeschooling ranks some day! I'm learning to be flexible in my vision for the future:)

Best to you all!

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