Friday, November 1, 2013

All Saints' Day Party - and a prayer card!

This is our third year celebrating All Saints' Day with friends.  We always have a very modest celebration--the highlight for all the kids, really, is seeing their friends and dressing up!--but we do try to include a few simple games and treats.  This year we went to a morning Mass and our friends went to an evening Mass, so we had a small get-together midday.

Here is my personal merry band of little saints for this year!

St. Joseph, St. Bernadette, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Juan Diego  -
waiting for friends to arrive

The children stayed busy with a few games:

Name That Saint!

Coloring pages

Canonize the Saints ring toss - made by our friends

Pin Tape the Sword on St. Michael - made by Gianna
Our little get-together was quick, easy, fun, and nearly free.  I will not be winning any best-liturgical-year blogger awards, but if you're looking to put together party decorations and games in an hour, I'm your woman!

party decorations courtesy of my girls

Everyone went home with a Prayers for the Holy Souls card to use at their indulgenced cemetery visit(s) this coming week.  Did you know you can earn an indulgence DAILY from November 1st through 8th for visiting a cemetery and praying a Credo and a Pater for the Poor Souls?  Going on All Souls' Day itself is wonderful, but there are lots of opportunities throughout the week if you can't fit it in that day.

And here's a link to the PDF of the prayer card--feel free to download it if you'd like to use it with your own families.

Happy All Saints' Day to you and yours!

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  1. They all look so sweet! I love the canonize the saints ring toss.