Friday, June 13, 2014

Nature Study Outing :: Tiny Finds at the Park

After two weeks cooped up at home with our newborn, my kids were begging me to take them out for nature study beyond our backyard.  To be honest, I knew a change of scenery would do me good too--as much as I am thankful for days at home with a sweet baby sleeping on my chest, a bit of sunshine and fresh air sounded heavenly.

So I left the two littlest at home with Daddy and we went out for a quick trip to the park.  I promised them a half hour swinging and sliding if we spent a few minutes hunting down wildflowers first.  It was a fruitful little outing; we found a new flower for our life list...

Birdfoot trefoil
...and the children spotted some old favorites that they wanted to add to their nature journals.

Lots of chickory everywhere!
And as we were off the path, my son noticed this little group of berry-red insect eggs on a geranium leaf.

They are really tiny--the whole cluster was maybe three millimeters round.

We had packed light and left the pocket microscope at home, but luckily I had a small container along to bring it home in for a better look.

I have no idea what kind of eggs they are, but don't they look like jelly beans?

What have you been enjoying on your nature outings lately?  I'd love to hear!

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  1. Thanks for submitting your entry to the CM Carnival. Excellent job getting out and finding some new things to look at with your kids.