Friday, September 12, 2014

{In a Week}

my daughter loves laying out her day's independent work just so the night before
a perfect day at the beach
happy to be tidepooling with Mommy
beach baby
talking on her paper phone, typing on her paper laptop...
sweet Bridget turns three
her birthday gifts - mostly books, of course!
reading with my kindergartener--and her captive audience of toddler siblings
magnet dolls
helping baby sister color


  1. Would you mind telling me about those magnetic dolls? I have a little girl with a fourth birthday coming up and she would LOVE those dolls...

    1. Axon, I actually made them. Super easy! I just bought magnetic printer paper from the office supply store and then did a Google image search for "vintage paper dolls"--you'll find a bunch of options. Printed, cut out, done! The cutting was a bit time intensive, but otherwise, the project was really simple. And my girls play with them all the time. Hope that helps!