Friday, November 21, 2014

What We're Reading :: November

The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur (for this month's book club selection)
Rumer Godden's The River (a random fiction pick off my shelf)
Karen Glass' Consider This (highly recommend!)
Charlotte Mason's Volume 6 (still--and will be all year, probably)

Vincent, age 8:
Henry's Sea Star: Orphan of Chincoteague (a new-to-us, super beat-up hardcover copy I found is getting a second life at our home)
The Golden Bible: The New Testament (illustrated beautifully by the Provensens)
Brown's Kateri Tekakwitha: Mohawk Maiden (his Sunday reading)

Gianna, age 8:
Sarah, Plain and Tall ("It was only okay--I don't like first-person narrators, Mommy")
MacDonald's The Princess and the Curdie ("Almost as good the first one!")
Wilder's Farmer Boy (reading aloud to little sister)

Cate, age 5:
Still working through Cooper Edens' The Glorious Mother Goose

To the Big Kids:
Crossbows and Crucifixes (for a Catholic perspective on England under Queen Elizabeth)
Wilder's The Long Winter (on audio read by Cherry Jones--perfect heading into the colder season)
Burnett's A Little Princess (on audio read by Justine Eyre--fantastic!)
MacDonald's At the Back of the North Wind and Kingsley's Water Babies (we'll be reading these two AO Y3 "free reads" slowly over the course of the whole school year)

To the Kindergartener:
Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks (we read a little object lesson about a family cow this week and she just loved it)
Illustrated Catechism for Little Children (a short and simple catechism for littles)
Leading Little Ones to Mary (the conversational tone of this book is perfectly suited to my Cate)

To the Littles:
Dance at Grandpa's (4yo Xavier's current favorite--the Little House picture books are always on rotation)
the Norman Rockwell-illustrated You're a Grand Old Flag (3yo Bridget's current favorite--she and Xavier love flipping through and singing their hearts out together)
Aliki's Welcome, Little Baby (2yo Clara's current favorite--all babies, all the time!)

And more happy mail:
Just a few of the new additions to our home library...

...a couple for next school year, a few hardbacks to add to our collection of "How and Why Wonder Books," more music books for my budding pianists, and a sweet collection of verse there on the top.

The rest of the books that came with this order went straight back into a box to be hidden away for Christmas gifts for my littles.  Tis the (book-buying) season. :)


  1. We've been listening to the Little House series by Cherry Jones too. And we all just. love it.

    I never read any of them as a child, so it's new and wonderful for *all* of us (me and my 2 DDs, ages 4 and 6). The only thing is, we listened to them out of order! And depending on where you look, the order is different? We started with Praire, then did Big Woods and are now listening to Farmer Boy! HA! Oh well. :P

    1. Haha--well, luckily they are so good you can read them in any order! :) We have listened to one per year (AO schedules them that way, and I've tried to stick with that, just to savor them a bit) since my two oldest were in Year 1, but I couldn't hold back this past year, and now we're on The Long Winter. LOL The Little House books were some of the very few classics I did read as a child, and they were such favorites of mine. I am *so* enjoying listening along again!

  2. A lovely list of books! Thank you for sharing! <3

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Hope you find something you or your kids will enjoy. :)

  3. Book pictures make me happy. *gentle sigh* Something about bindings and words and anticipation.....

    1. Couldn't agree more. I *love* when people post photos of their book stacks/shelves. :)

  4. I always love the posts where you talk about all the wonderful books you have at your house, Celeste. You have such excellent taste. :)

    Please forgive me, but I giggled when I read "Tis the (book buying) season..." Because from what I can tell, it is ALWAYS the book buying season at your house...not that there's anything wrong with that! :)

    1. Haha--it's true! But at least during Christmas-shopping season, I have an excuse! :) Seriously, though, I have been squirreling away books all year for the kids' Christmas gifts, and now there are SO many in boxes outside that I'll either have to spoil my kids rotten this year or stretch it out over all next year! LOL