Wednesday, December 31, 2014

{In a Week} - Christmas Edition

Popping in to share some photos from the past week...

first peek at the lit tree -- one of the reasons I love waiting until Christmas Eve for decorating

the must-have kids-in-front-of-the-tree annual photo :)
My favorite Christmas Day tradition is our procession around the house to place all of our baby Jesus figures into their respective nativities.

...and Christmas Mass, of course.

 The "big girls" and the "baby girls":

on the fifth day of Christmas--still enjoying the festive view
And last but not least, a peek at one of my commonplace entries this week--just perfect for the feast:

"Of God's gifts, a baby is of the greatest"--indeed!  Merry Christmas, friends.


  1. Christmastide blessings to you and yours! Love all the family pictures (the girls in those hats - so cute!) (and your church is Gorgeous!). May the new year be filled with health, happiness and many more of God's blessings!

    1. Thank you so much, Kimberlee--I hope you all are having a blessed start to your new year! The parish where our TLM community celebrates (it's not ours exclusively--we just have one Sunday Mass there as well as daily Mass) is the loveliest in the diocese. Around here, almost all the churches are modern in decor and architecture, but this one is a gem. It just celebrated it 100th anniversary. :)