Monday, December 8, 2014

{This and That}

Today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, our patronal feast here in the United States!  I created a prayer card of the Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary, also called the Litany of Loreto.  Feel free to print and use in your homes!


Some favorite e-reading from the past couple weeks --

Is comparison the thief of your joy?  There are many people who do many things much better than I do or could--and I'm fine with that.  Because I know I'm doing the best that I can with what I have.  I can't say it any better than bearing does--do go and read.

And another good one: Let's Give Our Kids a Sense of the Sacred.  THIS is why we go to the Traditional Latin Mass.


We also celebrated St. Nicholas' feast day over the weekend.  We always do the traditional oranges, candy canes, and chocolate coins...and a book for each child, of course!  (I'll share a peek of the gifted books soon--I need to pry them from my kids' hands first!)

And St. Lucy's Day is coming up this Saturday!  We celebrate with tea and a treat, and a few books, including Hannah's Christmas.  We don't own our own copy, so we listen to this free audio-reading by the author, Melissa Wiley (a fellow Catholic homeschooler and long-time children's writer).


We started Crossbows and Crucifixes a few weeks ago, and my kids are riveted.  If you are looking for a supplement written from the perspective of the Catholics in Elizabethan England for Year 3, this book would fit in very nicely.  (Thanks again for the recommendation, Amber.)


Are you looking for some giftable crafts for your kids to make these next couple weeks?  We're working on two this year.  (Family and IRL friends, avert your eyes if you want to keep it a surprise!)

Fold a Fir Tree would be perfect for those of your doing paper sloyd this term for handwork--or those that aren't!  They were just easy enough that my two 8yos could make them with very little help from me.  I walked them through the process once, and then they went through it a few more times on their own, only needing me to make the snips for the branches (it requires cutting through many layers of construction paper).

And on the docket for this week: these pine cone owls for their friends.  Definitely more craft than handicraft (if you know what I mean), but they are cute, aren't they?


So now it's your turn: do tell me about your Christmas crafting plans!  I can't share any more of ours here just yet (wouldn't want to give away all our surprises!) but I can't wait to show you after gifts have been given.  What are you sewing/folding/felting/drawing/painting/whittling/hand-making?  I'd love to know.


  1. We watched Melissa Wiley's reading of Hanna's Christmas yesterday too! I hadn't watched it before with my kiddos and we were all charmed. I loved her little intro video too. Have you listened to the podcast she did with Sarah MacKenzie on Sarah's Read Aloud Revival? I really enjoyed it.

    My Christmas crafting is terrible this year... all I've managed to make is a cloth napkin to go in our bread basket (So glad to finally have something seasonally appropriate - we've been using either shamrocks or flags - lol) and I've cut fabric for the baby's stocking. I didn't even try to plan anything to make to give, it just seemed hopeless! Which is good, because I really didn't need that additional pressure on myself. I'll do some baking and candy making next week for family gifts, but that's about it.

    Emma is knitting and crocheting up a storm though, and I'm hoping to get the boys involved in some felt work this next week.

    Those pine cone owls are seriously cute - they would make wonderful grandparent Christmas ornaments!

    1. Yes, I heard her on The Read Aloud podcast and enjoyed it. I have been reading her blog for years and years--her book recommendations are always excellent.

      I got behind on stockings with Baby #3 and still haven't managed to catch up! I keep thinking "this will be the year"...but maybe next year. ;)