Friday, February 27, 2015

Cate's Kindergarten :: Exams, Term 2

Hope you can bear just a bit more exam chat today! ;)

As I've mentioned before, my kindergartener is not one to be left out.  She has been looking forward to exams for weeks--too cute.

Like last time, she joined the big kids for questions in Italian, picture study, music study, and recitation.  But she was very pleased that I prepared a few questions just for her too...

Form three patterns with your colored tiles.
Form the following numbers with your number cards: 347, 56, 92, 18

Fine Motor Skills:
Draw a picture of any bird in your drawing book.
Cut out this as carefully as you can.
Copy your name, forming each letter correctly.

Reading Skill:
Draw a picture of an object that begins with each of these letters.
Write the letter that these words start with.
Spell these words using your letter tiles.
Read these sight words.

Tell me all you know about the Nativity.
Put all the mysteries of the rosary in order.

Empty the dishwasher, for inspection.

Natural History:
Tell me about the life cycle of the mosquito, using illustrations if you like.
What was your favorite nature study outing this term, and why?
[And then she insisted on drawing a "new discovery," just like the big kids.]

What was your favorite part of The Long Winter?
Why didn't you like Ms. Minchen in A Little Princess? [She couldn't stop talking about how much she disliked her while I was reading it. :)]
Which folk tale did you like reading about best this term?

From The Long Winter: "I really liked the part when it was snowing and Pa went to the other house, and the men there made him pancakes and pancakes.  He kept eating and eating and there was syrup and brown sugar."

From A Little Princess: "Ms. Minchen was very mean to Sara and she kept making her go out and get things again and again even though it was cold and wet and her clothes were dirty and her shoes had holes."

On which folk tale she liked best: "Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  But I get worried when she has to run away before the bears see her."

And that's one more term of kindergarten finished for my sweet "middle" girl, who turned six last month!


  1. This post makes me so happy. What a sweet heart she seems to have.

    I did not care for Miss Minchen either for some of the exact same reasons, Cate. =)

    1. Oh, she really does. I think she's going to be a dream to teach, as she has such an eager spirit--though she can certainly be a spitfire when she wants to be! ;)

  2. I really enjoy reading your exam posts. Did you make those number cards? And where did you get the colored tiles? I'm sure you've mentioned it on your blog before, but what math program do you use? :)

    1. Both the tiles and the number cards are part of the RightStart Math curriculum, which I have used all the way through now and love. :)

  3. Ah what a sweetie to want to be so just turned six year old has informed us he does not think he will ever want to learn read or do that "learning stuff" because "all the big kids are doing that." He is going to do "other things." Ha! I have not told him he is learning all the time. ;)

    1. Yes, personalities vary so much, don't they? Hahaha! My current little ones are dying to join the big kids in "school"--but we'll see what they think about it when the time actually comes. ;)

  4. Boy do I miss Kindergarten ;-) Love that your doing these end of term exams Celeste :)

    1. Thank you, Meredith! I will have another kindergartener next year, and I'm really looking forward to it! :)