Friday, May 22, 2015

Cate's Kindergarten :: Exams, Term 3

My eager kindergartener was, as usual, thrilled to join us for exams again this term.  Like last time, she joined the big kids for questions in picture study, music study, picture study and recitation.  But she loves having some questions of her own as well, and I'm happy to oblige.

Describe your outfit in Italian using complete sentences.
Chi e lei?  Come si chiama?  Quanti anni ha?  (pointing to her sister)

Show the following numbers on your abacus: 5432, 9276, 1190, 2904, 808, 17, 8785, 6001
Then show the numbers with your number cards.
Complete the patterns on your worksheet.

Fine Motor Skills
Choose a bird from your bird book that you have seen this term to draw and label.
Copy the names of our family members, forming each letter correctly.
Do this cutting assignment.

Tell me all you know about the Sorrowful Mysteries.
What do you know of the Holy Trinity?

Reading Skill
Write the letter that these words start with.
Spell these words using your letter tiles.
Read these sight words.

Natural History
Sketch two wildflowers we saw this term and tell me where you found them.

What was your favorite part of Little Town on the Prairie?
Which story did you like best this term?


  1. Love it!! Just curious what are your plans for your kids and receiving the sacrament of confirmation? Will they be confirmed "young" or wait until high school? Do you have a plan for prepping them?

    1. We go to a TLM community that doesn't have a hard-and-fast rule regarding the age for Confirmation, so we do have the option of early Confirmation. But our community also doesn't offer Confirmation every year--it's a smaller group, so it depends on how many children are prepared in a given year and on the availability of the bishop to confirm in the traditional rite. We don't have any plans to have them receive it in the next couple years, but perhaps when they hit middle school age.

      As for resources, I have a couple books put aside: Mother Mary Loyola's The Soldier of Christ (we have used and loved other books of hers) and Fr. Halpin's Children's Retreats (we used the first two sections of this book regarding First Confession and First Communion).

  2. I would love a post on how you organize your learning spaces! I have a walking 11 month old pulling down everything off my bookshelves, so any advice would be great!

    1. Hi Katie -- I will write on this soon! Short answer: lots of training for the 12 month old, as well as a few spaces he's not allowed to roam in. ;) We're doing a bit of reorganizing this summer and then I will definitely share some peeks into our learning spaces.