Friday, June 12, 2015

What We're Reading :: June

my growing tummy and I taking a little reading break!

Mantel's Station Eleven (if you like dystopian fiction, this one is thoughtful and less gritty than most)
Goudge's Pilgrim's Inn (picked up again after a break--happy sigh)
C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters (just started)
Tieger's Nurture by Nature and Myers' Gifts Differing (as I attempt to "type" my older kids)
Charlotte Mason's Volume 6 and Susan Schaeffer Macaulay's For the Children's Sake (for our CM study group using Brandy's Start Here)

To the Big Kids
CS Lewis' The Magician's Nephew (we're doing all of Narnia on audio for summer!)
Trevor's Sun Slower, Sun Faster (good Catholic historical fiction)

Vincent, age almost-9
Silverstein's Life in a Tidal Pool (one of his Easter books)
Lang's Arabian Nights (from the AO Year 3.5 list)
C.W. Anderson's Favorite Horse Stories (inspired by the Triple Crown, I'm sure!)

Gianna, age 8
C.S. Lewis' The Silver Chair (we finished it on audio and she immediately picked it up in hardback!)
Dahl's Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (also re-reads)
Montessori's The Mass Explained to Children (we read this together as part of FHC prep, but she likes revisiting it)

To Cate, age 6
Wiltse's Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks (we didn't finish this one last school year, so she has been begging me to pick it back up and continue)
Neumann Press' Saints for Girls (she adores this little book)

To the Littles
Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop (5yo Xavier is reading this one to me--he's determined to follow on the heels of newly-reading big sister)
Eric Carle's Does a Kangeroo Have a Mother Too? (3yo Bridget's current favorite--in the small format Clara got for Easter)
Eloise Wilkins' Mother Goose (2yo Clara's current favorite--she brings this one to Bridget to "read" to her)

In the Mail
It's book-buying season!  Okay, so around here it is always book-buying season. ;)  Perhaps I should say instead that it's book-SELLING season: lots more for sale, and lots more to buy!

(Just between you and me: these aren't even close to all of them from this past month, and I may or may not have three more packages headed this way now.  Ahem.)  Notice that all these pictures are taken with books stacked on top of the bookshelf by the front door?  That's because they're still there, in towering piles, waiting for me to find more shelf room, somewhere somehow.  I know you book-loving ladies can relate!

Are you buying for the new school year yet?  Fun summer reading?  We're just started the last book of Narnia this afternoon and I will be sad to move on to something new!


  1. We just finished Narnia 2 nights ago - we've been working through the series since December as bedtime read-alouds. The older 2 have both re-read most of them already as we finished each, and the littlest one suggested that since we finished we should just start all over again at the beginning now that we're finished. Happy sigh. I'm glad my crew loved them so much.

    1. So sweet. I read LWW as a kid but didn't read the rest, so they are new to me too. They really are special and I can't wait to share them with the rest of my kids as they get older. :)

  2. Oh my word. Look at those amazing stacks of books. I want I want I want. Jasper's animal encyclopedia books are falling apart at the seams (after being re-bound), and he won't accept any replacements. Otherwise I'd be doing more shopping. I should have him peruse your shelves to see if he'd be happy with anything else...

    1. I think we probably have a few you haven't yet seen that will make him happy! :)

  3. We are doing Narnia on audio this summer too. I have never read these books so it has been as much for me as for them!

    1. I had LWW read to me in elementary school, but I hadn't read any of the others. It has been such a treat!

  4. How do you find these lovely books and where in the world do you buy them from? That's what I want to know...Seriously!

    We are currently reading Heidi aloud and our love of Narnia on audio continues unendingly to the great delight of us all.

    I'm reading more Yonge for fun at the moment - this time The Heir of Redclyffe - and it is magnificent.

    1. Hehe... :) Instagram sellers mostly, with an occasional need-to-have purchase from used Amazon tucked in there. ;)

      I haven't read any Yonge since Daisy Chain last year, which I was bowled over by. Really, it was unexpectedly lovely. A Book of Golden Deeds is on the Year 4 free read list, so we will be hitting that this year. What's the next Yonge you would recommend for me to add to my TBR list?

    2. Aah. Thanks for sharing. I always love to see your Instagram inclusions on your 'keeping' posts but I do not follow it myself.

      Hmmmm....tough one. Daisy Chain is still my favorite, but now with about 5 more under my belt, I think, I am going to see my current one - The Heir of Redclyffe Although one I read earlier this year - The Three Brides - was very good, too, and significantly shorter, I believe. I read them on my Kindle so I'm never really sure how long they are but this current one seems to rival Daisy Chain in length. Her character development and ability to highlight character flaws and virtues without moralizing in any way is truly magnificent.

  5. I concur, Book buying is too fun. Love all those vintage stacks.

  6. I love your belly! :) They are such good shelves for books and lunch and such! :) I love looking at your book stacks...just lovely!

    I'm reading your comments here and I see that you enjoyed Daisy Chains - that is on my pile here. :)

    1. Ha--yes, I suppose I do have another portable book shelf around here these days! ;)

      Daisy Chain really was a wonderful book. You will love it!

  7. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I pray everything goes well :)

    FYI, I posted an updated list of books for sale last week on our blog. You can find them here... There are many yummy out of print books as well as perennial classics. I try to note books that can be found in lists such as Ambleside, TruthQuest, Sonlight, Simply Charlotte Mason, etc.

    Daisy Chain is also on my pile to read. I have yet to read a Goudge book, though we have several on the shelf. I just may try one this summer :)


    1. Thanks, Melissa! And do go for a Goudge. :)

  8. I'll have to try Station Eleven since I always have a bit of a weak spot for dystopian fiction, as does my husband. And the library even has it - yay!

    It hadn't even occurred to me that you could buy books via Instagram sellers. Wow. I feel old. ;-)

    Regarding Yonge, I really enjoyed Heir of Redclyffe. Emma read it a month or two ago and loved it - she said it was one of those books where she didn't think she was the same after reading it. I haven't picked up Daisy Chain yet. I have this thing where if I read one book by an author that is really, really, good I will wait awhile before I pick up another. I feel like I get to stretch out the enjoyment I get from the author more that way, and also I don't get too used to his or her wonderful writing. But it has been over a year, so I think it could be time to pick one of her books up again. As soon as I (finally!!) get over the finish line of Y7 this week though... we are really limping over the finish line at this point. Y1 and Y3 got finished last week and finished a little more strongly, although I didn't have the oomph to do exams. Which I regret, but also realize was the right thing to do.

    Anyway... I'm digressing. Thanks for sharing all your lovely book pics!

    1. Haha--well, it's probably because people like you aren't yet buying on Instagram that I can still get good deals there! I already have quite a bit of competition at my favorite IG sellers' sales from Amanda Vines and Virginia Lee... :)

      I love those books that make you feel like you're a different person after reading it--adding Heir of Redclyffe to my list!

      Congats on being at the very end of Y7, limping or not! Praying you have a restful summer. :)