Monday, July 13, 2015

Keeping Company :: July Link-Up

Welcome to July's Keeping Company link-up!

As school-planning season is upon us, I've been getting lots of reader questions lately about CM-style notebooks, and I always refer people here, to the link-up, because I think it's so useful to see the variety!  I really appreciate looking at multiple examples and approaches as I form our Keeping routines, and I know you all do too.  So thank you for sharing and thank you for reading.

A selection from this month's #KeepingCompanyCM shares on Instagram:

clockwise from upper left - vlcjrogers - obispo98 - angelaboord
msjschole - stoppingforbutterflies - laurke2


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:: Any posts about CM-style Keeping are welcome!  The prompt is optional.  Your post can be as simple as a photo of your commonplace book.  And please don't feel like you have to be an expert.  We are all looking to grow in these habits together. :)

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I'll be popping in soon to see your summer Keeping. ;)


  1. Hello Celeste, just added a link. It's winter here so I didn't use your prompt! Hope you are all well.

    1. Thanks, Carol--I am! And always feel free to link up whatever keeping you and your wonderful family are up to! :)