Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Keeping Company :: June 2016

our hibiscus tree suddenly burst into bloom this past week!  the kids went running for our Book of Firsts. :)

And just like that, it's June!  Summer lends itself so well to keeping: lazy days on the patio with book and commonplace, nature journaling at your campsite, considering and re-considering the "keeping culture" in your home as you begin to plan next year's school days.  The less-busy days of summer are a wonderful time to build habits -- in our students and in ourselves.

For some inspiration, check out the Keeping Company link-ups from previous months.  I've been finding new ideas by reading old posts lately.  It's neat to have so many relevant examples all in once place!  (And as a side note: in reading those old posts, I've also been struck by the e-friendships I've been blessed with through them.  So thanks, readers and contributors, for making this link-up a comfy place to share and chat.)

In the Past Month

There are lots of moms doing lots of keeping this month!

We've got moms excited about nature journals...

camilem - hollieannd - witheagerhands - msjschole
rjnsix - ambervanderpol - sarahjokim - happylhomemaker1

...faithful to commonplace-keeping...

spreadingthefeast - theycallmemommy618

...turning gardening into a keeping activity...

from obispo98

...making quite weather notes in their BuJo...

from northlaurel

...keeping reading notes for Schole group...

from beuniqueheather
(and a group with both Kay and Heather?! I'm jealous!!)

...and memorizing poems!  (Amazing job, Jen!)

from happylhomemaker1

We also have some lovely children's work this month -- I just adore these.

mariasugiyopranato - vlcjrogers - lylyfreshty

That first and last are from a couple ladies living a rich and full CM life on the other side of the world from me.  I feel blessed to get a peek at their days.  (That handwriting is gorgeous, isn't it?)  And that middle one is dear Virginia Lee, faithful keeper -- and now in the home stretch of her pregnancy! :)

Last but not least, I have a couple posts I want to point you toward today:

Melanie meshes some CM-inspired keeping with her own classical preferences, and she does a bit of a year round-up here.

And Carol uses her beautiful script to journey into All Quiet on the Western Front and gives us a look at some unique animals "down under"...and in Moozle's nature journal.

It gets me so inspired to see you guys living out active leisure and diligent notebooking in your families!  I'm so happy we're all in this together.


Okay, I'm a bit late, so I'm heading right on to the link-up!  I hope you'll take a moment to share the keeping going on in your homes this month with us.

The Link-Up

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As always, thanks for sharing!


  1. Wow, Indonesia! Loved peeking into their IG squares. =) Yes Celeste, the e friendships are a blessing. As well as this link up that gathers us into one Keeping and CM loving spot. Thank you for bringing us all together.