Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Keeping Company :: April 2017

Hi friends!  It's officially spring now, which means this link-up will soon explode with nature journal photos, just like it does every year. (I'm going to have a post like that up tomorrow, as a matter of fact!) One of my favorite parts of peeking into your notebooks is seeing those seasonal shifts, happening in all kinds of families, all across the country (and world!).  But at the same time, I have some fun pictures to share of history notebooking, maps, commonplace books, and more below.  Because we're not just aiming at seasonal habits but year-round, lifelong companions as well.  It's a wonderful blend.  I'm excited to see what you're up to this month!

Starting the Discussion
There are so many great posts from March, so I think I'm going to dig into that and let the ladies that have linked up share their thoughts with you instead of kicking it off myself.

Before I do that, though, I'll just remind you once again about the post I wrote on Keeping for Charlotte Mason Living last month since it's so relevant to you Keeping Company lovers.  I get lots of emails about how to get started in journaling, and I hope that post is a blessing to you!

From This Month
The March collection featured some of my favorite voices on the topic and some newcomers:

:: The lovely Carol down in Australia shows us her middle schooler's notebooks. These updates on Moozle's work are always a lovely look at what a Charlotte Mason education can look like for an enthusiastic student.  As she puts it, education is always "an act of faith," so it's beautiful to see it bearing fruit in the hearts and hands of young students.

:: Kelly from A Feast of Books (perfect name!) has a nice chatty post up about all kinds of reading she and her family are doing.  I enjoy getting to bits of the various books that are shaping a home at one time!  Lots of thoughtful reading going on there, including some of our family favorites.

:: Lucy from Stopping for Butterflies is back with a review of a book I'm not dying to read!  She also shares this lovely thought on commonplace keeping: "It is a simple and yet effective approach to raising my ordinary thoughts out of the pedestrian monotony they frequently plod into."

:: Do you have a student with dysgraphia that you're hoping to help develop keeping habits?  Freely Learned has some practical tips for you!

:: Lisa continues to share piercing bits of Amy Carmichael's writing.  The selection she chose this month is particularly appropos for this time in the liturgical year.

:: Amy of Hearth Ridge Reflections has a short entry from Volume 5 that you do not want to miss.  It went immediately into my own commonplace book, even though I usually reserve that for quotes I have come across in my own reading.  Too good not to "keep"!

And then over to Instagram...

First off, some history keeping -- maps, timelines, and more!

dawnduran8708 - jeffsjessie - gdcyrus
jenbrownsnow - vlcjrogers - rjnsix

Commonplace books...

jennyp0208 - kaypelham - brc_mackenzie - ourlivinglearning
amyofhearthridge - athena_amidstthereeds - housefulloffoxes - learninghowtolivecm

Lots of you are tracking seasonal changes...

ariellegj - aolander - ladydusk

And a peek at some nature journals, featuring everything from the birds of New Zealand to the wildflowers of Indonesia to snowflakes in California!

freelylearned - obispo98 - mariasugiyopranoto - angelaboord
stoppingforbutterflies - legendsandlace - raisinglittleshoots - amyofhearthridge
sarahjokim - lylyfreshty - h5manriquez - ambervanderpol

I thought this was too fun not to share: these two examples popped up back to back in my Instagram feed one day!  Love that these ladies are working on the same thing at the same time in two different parts of the country, and sharing them with us!

tillberrytales - oneripetomato

Last but not least: a few favorites I couldn't bear to leave out!

frannieruth19 - adventureadaycm - greenmangomama

There are lots more where those came from, so head over to #keepingcompanycm and check out what the ladies there are posting.  And link up your own!  As long as you have a public account (or I am a follower), I'll see what you tag and be able to feature it here.  And more importantly, the rest of the community can respond, encourage, and glean ideas from you.

Now it's your turn...

The Link-Up

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  1. I loved reading through this! I thought about how my account on IG is private, so some community is lost with that...just hard to know how much privacy with children's photos I want. It's probably all on the web anyway, once you start posting to FB etc. I'm excited to follow the blog A Feast of Books, thanks! I loved that post by Carol. Just so encouraging!

    1. Well, I think most of the ladies who follow Keeping Company probably follow you, Amy -- you are a fixture in the community! :)

      (By the way, if you ever don't want me to share a photo of yours since your account is private, please just let me know! I usually take the tag as a sign that a mom with a private account doesn't mind sharing that particular image and desires to link it up, and the photos don't usually involve kids or private information anyway. BUT of course I totally understand if there's a Keeping photo you'd like to just leave for those few that can see them.:))

    2. Thank you. I don't mind you sharing! :)

  2. Thanks Celeste! I've tried to do the Instagram thing but my phone isn't being helpful & doesn't allow me to share the photos I choose. I'll have to get one of my older ones to help me figure it all out! The photos you have here are just delightful!