Sunday, June 18, 2017

Keeping Company :: Summer 2017

This edition will be a seasonal link-up rather than a monthly one simply because Baby #9 is due the first week of July and things seem to be rather slow in the summertime anyway.  So consider this your one-stop-shop for community with keepers throughout this summer!  I'll be back to a monthly format the first week of September, when I'll ask about your keeping plans for the new school year.

Starting the Discussion

Last month I promised to share our family's keeping from this past school year.  I did that a couple weeks ago!  (If you missed it, head over for the whole write-up!)

If anyone else has written a similar round-up (or plans to this month!), please link up so I can stop over and read through it. I really enjoy browsing through others' work while I'm trying to make keeping plans for the coming year.  I think I have a basic idea of how we'll be managing our notebooks, but I am always looking for tips and suggestions!

I also chatted about nature journaling with Lynn Seddon, the author of Exploring Nature with Children.  With that and the interview I did for Dawn at Pam Barnhill's that I mentioned last month, it has been a nature journal-y spring for me as a blogger!

So far, this summer, there has been lots of little notebooking opportunities here and there...

nature journaling in the shade

Cate just received her very first Reading Log and has already made several entries.  She JUST finally took off in her independent reading and I am so happy for her!  She is very eager and enthusiastic now that she is over her fluency hurdle.  And she loves keeping track of her books and pondering her ratings for each one.  (She has a 1-5 ranking system set up. As you can see, they have all been winners so far!)

I currently keep four commonplace books (I like breaking them up by genre/purpose), and my education-related one always fills first.  So I started a new one once again a couple weeks ago.  I always take some time in deciding what quote to use as the dedication...

This Month's Round-Up

From the May collection:

:: Kelly tells us about some fascinating reading she has been up to in late spring: typology, science, books-about-books...and Richard Armitage reading Dickens.  (Sounds fabulous, right?) She also included my very favorite quote from Hannah Coulter.

:: Amy considers what life means, the imagination in housekeeping"mere" love, and the rustic scent of the farmhouse.  Beauty in variety.

:: Carol shares a sweet moment with her daughter: fifteen years of keeping, always growing, always seeing the world with new eyes.

And from over on Instagram...

erinnadolski - jenbrownsnow - tillberrytales
barefootedarrows - msjschole - adventureadaycm
raising.saints - orchardhousef - angelaboord

barefootedarrows - charlottemasonmyway - tribecham
thiscraftsmanlife - maricsa81 - corinna_rhodes_
vlcjrogers - hazelnuthatch - sarahjokim

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sarah_jonna - happylhomemaker1 - sarahjokim

frogssnailsgeckotails - mariasugiyopranoto

And a little highlight of Jessie, one of my favorite Instagram keepers, who shared her son's Word Book and her own Book of Centuries...

Now it's your turn!

The Link-Up

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  1. Hi Celeste, I love your Instagram pictures. All the very best with the delivery of your new baby. X

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  3. As I am finishing my first official year of a CM education, I am hopeful that I have a summer ahead of me full of all kinds of keeping! Just recently I began reading "The Living Page"--and already its been such a great book to read. I hope to share some of my keeping on my IG this summer! Thanks for all the keeping encouragement!

  4. do you keep a timeline (dates, names, events) at all? I think the "Living Page" calls it stream of history.

  5. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!! All the lovely keeping. <3 Thanks for the summer link up! :) We've been doing better with continuing to add entries, I just don't always take a photo of them. There is so much to look at and enjoy in the summer here. Thanks for doing this, Celeste, and I can't wait to hear about baby dear. <3

  6. I also love looking at all the pictures you share of your family's notebook keeping! I'm looking forward to checking out all the others that have shared posts and pictures too. Thanks for hosting this link-up. What an inspiration!