Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Tale of Two Hikes, Redux

I told you about the Tale of Two Hikes almost exactly one year ago.  We did a very similar combination again just a few weeks ago -- our Friday nature study outing with the kids, as usual, and then a hike with just moms the next morning.

First, Friday: a beautiful day at the county park!  Sunny, cold, plenty of fall finds.  The place is starting to get green again, a fuzzy layer of new growth covering all the fields.

Photo credit: my friend Sarah

Saturday: a few of us moms did a loop up into the foothills.  It was foggier than it has been since last winter.  The clouds completely filled in the valley like water.  Stunning.

Halfway up we came upon a cheery grove of toyon bushes.  Felt like Christmastime!

The fog cleared on our way back down and home.

See how green?  Just a month ago, that was ALL brown and dry.  December is lovely.

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  1. It's lovely seeing what your family get up to on your nature hikes. You have some beautiful scenery around you. Thank you for sharing it with us!