Saturday, December 21, 2019

{From My Commonplace} :: For the Holidays

For all of us mamas that need a reminder this holiday season...

"'And presently the ship was at the land to which they were going.' That land was the sea-shore of Capharnum, from which they had pushed off so joyfully a few hours before in expectation of a whole holiday alone with their Master. How different the day had turned out! Holidays often turn out very differently from what we expect. Our Lord has, many a time, lessons for us which we had not looked for, and which are not quite to our taste. Something happens that does not fit in with the plans for enjoyment we had made for ourselves. Disappointment comes to us as to the Twelve. What are we to do then? As the Apostles did. Were they upset? No. They trusted themselves entirely to their dear Master. They let him have His own way with them, and they were beginning to find out that His way was, after all, the happiest and the best."

-- from Mother Mary Loyola's First Communion

She goes on to say that had they enjoyed the holiday they had planned, they would not have had the chance to see Our Lord healing the sick, ministering to them in deed and word, giving his hillside sermon they all so needed to hear. And it the evening following that He walked to them across the water and the next day that He preached the Holy Eucharist in the synagogue. It seems that what the Twelve needed was just exactly that day after all and not the kind of day they may have had in mind.

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