Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Keeping Company :: August Invitation

I asked last month how summer Keeping looks in your home, and I love how many people are continuing their notebooking routines through the summer.

We have a lovely collection going in our July album, so grab a cup of iced tea, click on over, and enjoy!

Monthly Feature

I thought I'd highlight a few posts today for those looking for some nature journal inspiration.  Take a look at what's going on in the homes of these ladies, who are obviously enjoying the process of learning alongside their children young and old...

My Peace in the Puzzle has a lovely post up this month about one of my favorite wildflowers: the lupine!

Angela at Wilhites Living Life shares a beautiful vintage nature book (my favorite!) and the journal entries of her daughters as they begin their new school year.  Fresh starts are wonderful, aren't they?

from Wilhites Living Life

Speaking of lovely, Melanie at The Real Deal gives us a glimpse into a summer outing in her home and a focus on butterflies with her darling daughters.

On the other end of the age spectrum, Carol at Journey and Destination shows us what an older child is capable of!

from Journey and Destination
This month's optional prompt

So many of you are back to school this month!  So...

What do your Keeping plans look like for the new school year?  Are you maintaining an established routine or hoping to start a new one?  Any big changes you're looking to make, or are you planning for baby steps toward these habits?  Do you prefer to keep your Keeping casual, or do have you have it there on your daily or weekly checklist?  How do your plans vary by personality, age, or student interest?  How are you scheduling your own Keeping this year?  I'd love to hear!

I'll be back here next Tuesday, August 11, to post the next link-up.  Until then, feel free to add your posts on any CM Keeping topic to the July link-up.


  1. Celeste, I have popped by here and there for a while. This idea of "keeping" intrigues me. Do you have a post that explains/introduces the idea?

    1. Hi Tami! My interest (and the interest of lots of ladies in the CM community) in this topic was really sparked by reading Laurie Bestvater's book The Living Page, which came out last year. It is a wonderfully thorough look at all the notebooking done in CM's schools and what she had to say on the topic, both practically and philosophically. I highly recommend it! I wrote a blog series on it that might give you a feel for the book's contents: http://joyouslessons.blogspot.com/search/label/The%20Living%20Page

      I also introduced this topic in my first Keeping Company link-up, and I think you might find the description helpful:

      And I talked about how I schedule our Family Keeping here:

      Let me know if those aren't what you're looking for and I can dig a little more. :)

  2. Thank you Celeste!! I am reading the book with a group of ladies right now. Last week I read the bit about keeping a notebook/journal for the home...recipes, how to clean xyz, etc. I look forward to looking at the links you shared!!