Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So, I'm not much of a outdoors woman. At least not yet! Miss Mason is having quite the effect on me! The kids and I spotted these cute little birds in our backyard, and of course they wanted to know what kind of birds they were. And I suddenly realized it's so silly to be intimidated by all things nature, and I should figure this bird thing out. Thank goodness for Google. I searched for common birds in our area, saw a picture which was clearly the same as our little backyard visitors, and we spent a good while reading about their habits and songs. We recorded it on our bird list (Thank you,  Jen for the fabulous printable!) and have even added a few more after our Nature Study group outings, a Stellar's Jay, and the female mallard. The kids are so delighted to know about those feathered friends, to have information to possess and tell Daddy or Grandma about.
Here's the one that started it all, the Black-Eyed Junco:)

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  1. Yay! And yes, Vincent wanted to ID the Steller's Jay as soon as we got home from our outing on Friday, and into the nature journal it went. :) A child's enthusiasm is easy to catch for topics like these!