Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home Education

In an attempt to continually learn more about Miss Mason and her method of education, we are picking up another book to discuss! This time, we're going straight to the source! So many wonderful home educating mommies have suggested reading Charlotte Mason's own writings about education, which only makes sense if one is going to follow her suggestions, right? I've long been put off by her writing style, probably because I tried to read them when I had very little babies and toddlers, and no brain capacity for challenging material:) Now that I don't have that excuse anymore, it's high time I put my English professor hat on and tackled Volume 1, Home Education.  Luckily, Celeste is joining me, and everything's better with two:) So, no particular subject by subject progression, as with our last read-along. We'll both read, notate, write, and discuss as we see fit.

Part 1 is called "Some Preliminary Considerations" and is about 40 pages long. I plan to work through it, making note of things which strike me as valuable tools for parenting or home schooling, and I'll be back with a post later in the week! Celeste, feel free to jump in if you have thoughts as we start out, and, of course, when you come across something you want to mention from your reading. 

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