Friday, September 14, 2012

Nature Study Outing- Week 6

Today our whole group met at a local farm/park to look at some fun farm animals and birds, and to play on the nice, big playground! This park was a former home and farm donated to our city in the 1960's, to be used as a introduction to farm life for children. There are stall spaces for 4-H students to use for raising their animals, and the city maintains some as well. We saw peacocks, geese, chickens, baby chicks, A LOT of roosters, turkeys, goats, sheep, a baby cow, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, and took a walk through a pretty kitchen garden. Cate and I will sit down with these photos this weekend and do some journaling and narration about what we saw (I'll add her thoughts to her journal for her). Such a fun morning. I hope we'll go back in the spring to see some baby animals, too!

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