Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reading: A day

Please excuse the blurriness of this iPhone picture, but I had to quickly grab a camera and capture this moment this morning. We do so much reading in a day, and this was just the start!

After breakfast, the kids grabbed blankets and books and snuggled up on the couch. They were in perfect silence, turning pages, or commenting to each other as they went. And I was a very grateful Mama, for a peaceful morning start to "school," and that they have the chance to be in jammies, comfortable and loving their books.

After this, we went to play with Celeste and her sweeties, then came home for lunch with Grandma. She read to them before she had to go back to work. Then we had a quiet rest time, in which Owen fell asleep with a Richard Scarry book under his cheek, and Cate read all the rest of the Scarry books on the shelf. Mama read the Mass readings for the day. When we were all refreshed, we made tea, had muffins, read poems aloud, and read a chapter from The Trumpet of the Swan.

The children are outside now, playing "Charlotte and Wilbur," enjoying the cool air and warm sun, and when the out-breath is over, they will come in and find more piles of books, I'm sure, eagerly lining them up for bedtime reading.

How delightful that this IS school, that it's easy and flows with our day, and that books are their constant companions. 


  1. I think Owen got some reading done here as know, snack time just isn't the same without a little Don Freeman!

  2. Celeste, you are right! He did give up on snack so he could finish that book:)