Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nature Study Outing - Sunshine and Waterbirds!

A gloriously sunny day for this week's nature study outing at a nearby lake.  

The highlight was a group of American Coots.  The children perched in the trees at the water's edge for quite a while, admiring their antics. 

Half of the flock came to join us on dry land and we got a better view of their funny-looking feet.  So distinctive!  

I wish I had been able to get a better shot, but I had a baby on my hip and was shooting with my phone. ;)  That's the wonderful thing about Google, though!

As soon as we got home, the children got to work in their nature journals documenting our waterfowl spottings.

By Gianna: Canvasback, Mallard, American Coot

Vincent's birds-in-action: Mallards, Canvasbacks, Coots, Gulls.
You can see the bottom of a diving Coot there on the right. :)

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