Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sick and missing some school

Good morning everyone.

It's cold and drizzly here in Northern California, and my littles and I have had the stomach flu this week. It's been pretty rough, and I'll spare you the gory, unpleasant details. Suffice it to say I've been using my very little brain power on browsing Pinterest for pretty things and reading a few pages at a time of a novel in between naps and Gatorade sips. I am so missing our normal life! Of course, one of the glories of homeschool is not having to worry about "falling behind" or scrambling for the school work the kids need to "make up." We are able to listen to our bodies, rest, get better, and get back to routine when it feels right. I am relying on Auntie Leila and her menu for a sick person to get us through...I never know what's good for a tummy and when. I like food too much to linger too long in the land of saltines and applesauce.

This morning I finally had the energy for my morning prayers, which felt wonderful, and we might do some chapter book reading on the couch today. We're currently reading Peter Pan:) But at the moment, Mama needs a shower and the children are watching "Little Bear" dvd's. I hope to *finally* be back in full swing next week with some thoughts on Volume 1 of Miss Mason's writings, and an update on how Kinder and pre-K have been going around here!

In the meantime, be well!