Friday, April 5, 2013

Nature Study Outing - Week 24

Every time we meet here, I'm amazed by just how much there is to see!  We visited this county park several times last fall, but since it's not all that stroller-friendly, we haven't been back since my littlest was born six months ago.  But now my baby is old enough to ride on my back comfortably for a couple hours and my 18-month-old is just about ready to be able to walk alongside me without throwing a tantrum or hurting herself. ;)  So this morning we were able to venture out a bit and head back to one of our favorite spots sans stroller.

My walking buddy--
not too thrilled about holding Mommy's hand, but she humored me :)

 The creek was flowing nicely--and lots of mallards!

Theme of the day: big kids go hiking, little ones stay with mommies

One of the great things about visiting after several months away was that the seasonal changes were more obvious than usual. Last time we met there, most of the branches were bare, and there were acorns and dry leaves underfoot; today, the trees were covered with new leaves and catkins, and we were walking through wildflowers.

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  1. so fun. i miss having a group to do nature with... so, thanks for sharing!!