Thursday, January 8, 2015

What We're Reading :: January

For this month's "What We're Reading," I'll let my annual snapshot-share of the Christmas book haul stand in...because that's pretty much all my kids have been reading since Christmas Day!

But first, my own reads and our family read-alouds...

Alessandro Mazzoni's The Betrothed (moving along!)
The Christian Mother: the Education of her Children and Her Prayer (dipping in here and there)

To the Big Kids:
Goudge's I Saw Three Ships (just finished this lovely Christmas read)
Crossbows and Crucifixes (for a Catholic perspective on England under Queen Elizabeth)
Brinker's Caddie Woodlawn (on audio--not enjoying the reader as much as Cherry Jones, but the story is great, of course)
MacDonald's At the Back of the North Wind and Kingsley's Water Babies (we'll be reading these two AO Y3 "free reads" slowly over the course of the whole school year)

The Christmas Books for the Littles...

first, goodies from Grandma and Grandpa!
for 8yo Vincent
for 8yo Gianna (and that blue hardback at the bottom is a lovely edition of Lang's Rainbow Fairy book)
for 5yo Cate
for 4yo Xavier 
for 3yo Bridget
for 2yo Clara
Almost all the books were bought used from the thrift store or used online, which is how we can manage to gift so many!  As I buy used treasures through the year, I hide them away in a box to pull from when the next holiday rolls around.  I love selecting books from my secret stash for each child that I know he or she will love.

There was also a stack of music books for my big kids to enjoy, and my parents gifted me with the Chronicles of Narnia series on audio, which I'm looking forward to listening our way through this summer!

These books kept the kids happily occupied during their vacation days.  Did you have any favorite bookish gifts this Christmas?


  1. Your children got some wonderful books!

    I buy most of my books used throughout the year as well and hide them in our closet! I usually keep a list of books I'm wanting to get our girls in my purse and every time I visit a book store, I scour the shelves.

    Our kids got many books for Christmas (I shared them with you in another post), and their favorite so far is Old Mother West Wind - I found a lovely copy, barely used.

    1. Yes, my books are hidden out in a couple boxes in the garage! (Shh, don't tell the kids. ;)) I have so many treasures out there that I can't wait for them to dig into, but I do try to be patient just so that I don't overload them. :)

      Burgess is such a favorite in our household of nature-lovers. And I prefer a lovely old copy to a new paperback any day!