Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Keeping Company :: February Invitation

I am so inspired by the Keeping shared here over the last month, friends.  Have you read through the beautiful selection of posts that were added to January's link-up?

I've loved the opportunity to peek into your homes and habits.  I've also really enjoyed following the various comment threads on the posts of those that participated.  There has been lots of good encouragement and discussion, and I thank you for working with me to create a little community as we learn with and from one another. :)

This month, we had peeks into the "Big Three":
Several ladies committed to share monthly about their Keeping...
or even how they're Keeping their Keeping!  (Love that!)

color-coded commonplace by Mahers Hill Academy

We also got to look into a wide variety of Keeping forms, including a...

In future months, I'll limit myself to showcasing just one or two posts. I couldn't help myself from sharing a slice of each contributor's Keeping this time because I'm so thankful to all of you for linking up for this inaugural edition! :)

This month's prompt, for those interested...
Since so many of you new Keepers started out with the habit of keeping a commonplace book, I thought I'd ask about that this month.  What is your favorite part of keeping a commonplace?  Care to share a peek?  When do you do your commonplacing?  Where do you get your inspiration?   And I'd especially love to see into children's commonplace books as well!

And if you'd like to share something different, please do so!  As always, any and all posts about Charlotte Mason-style Keeping are welcome.

I'll be back here next Tuesday to post the February linky--and to share some of the wonderful contributions via Instagram from this past month.  I hope you'll join me!  In the meantime, remember that the January link-up is still active, so feel free to continue sharing your posts there.


  1. It was a wonderful month of posts, looking forward to this month!

  2. Thank you for January hosting, Celeste! I so enjoyed it...I have a few more things I want to dust off and then I want to keep on being faithful to USING all these journals! :) Looking forward to it again!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean--it's all about getting that routine going, building the habit! Looking forward to having you participate once again. :)

  3. Thank you for hosting this, Celeste! It's one of the motivating factors that has kept us going in our new habit, and it is tying in so well with my reading of "The Living Page"!

  4. My question is, how do I start a commonplace book? Is really as simple as a journal and record my favorite/or inspirational quotes, etc? I have not heard of it until recently. Just looking for pointers on how to start. :)

    1. Yes, Barb--it really is that easy! In CM's schools, copywork moved into commonplace-Keeping in the later forms. So it is just a written record of favorite quotes from reading you have done. I have actually divided up my commonplace into a few notebooks by genre, but most people keep all the quotes in one journal. It becomes a lovely record of your reading life. Try it and see! I'm going to be posting about how I organize my commonplace in a couple weeks, but if you go over to the January link-up, you can see quite a few examples from people who *just* started commonplaces for the new year! Hope that helps. :)