Thursday, November 30, 2017

Nature Study Outing :: Fall in the Foothills

Want to come along on some of our recent fall nature study outings?

One of our favorite spots is a ranch-turned-nature-preserve. We visited on a cool day with moody skies, my favorite time to be outdoors.  Take a look at these two shots of the same hill, first looking west and then looking east, just five minutes apart -- no editing!

This was a day for rock digging and hay-bale climbing. And running far, far away from parents. ;)

But we did get some journaling in too.  My girlies settled themselves into their drawing spots of choice.

Another of our favorite spots is due west, nestled in the hills.  When we visited a few weeks ago, it was sunny, with just the smallest hint of fall in the air.

doveweed in christmas colors!

Check out the odd acorn at the bottom!  We actually found quite a few of them. My kids call them "elf shoe acorns." :)

The next time we visited was cool and muggy. It had just rained the day before, and the lichen had plumped up and new mushrooms were growing. We hunted around for a bunch of specimens and spent some time journaling at the table.

all from the same oak -- i had to do a bit of investigation work to narrow it down!

see the tiny mushroom gills peeking out?


this one was completely hollow

And last, we took a walk around the block looking for fall, since we were all busy with Thanksgiving.  It is bright and sunny again -- but very cold. So many temperature shifts this time of year. The theme of this outing was leaves, berries, and stunning cloud formations.

It is not often that we go out by ourselves, so I rarely get a photo or just my crew. But this is them -- in mud clothes, with silly smiles, at the park on our way back home.

Looks like everyone loves this time of year!

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