Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Shakespeare Festival :: Fall 2017

A couple weeks ago was our third local Shakespeare Festival, one of our favorite days of the semester!

I have written in depth about how our event works here: The Story of our Shakespeare Festival. Simply put, it's a beautiful morning of stress-free, student-run Shakespeare performances from a variety of plays. (If you're interested in starting something like this in your own community, head over to my post. I have lots of tips and even the email I send out, all ready for you to use.)

It threatened rain but ended up being gorgeous. My friend hosts us in her backyard every time and it's the perfect place.

My kids did part of a scene from King Lear. This was the first time that Clara (5) and Bridget (6) were assigned more than one line, and they were thrilled! They both did great.

photo credit to my friend star taylor
It is such a joy to see littles respond with joy to Shakespeare. We had quite a few first-time performers and/or little kids in our Festival this year.

There were comic scene, tragic scenes, short scenes, long scenes, monologues, and large ensembles.


Gianna filled in a couple lines in another family's performance also, which she was super pleased about.

My kids love acting, but they also love relishing in all of the other kids' performances also. It's a treat to see what everyone comes up with!

photo credi to star
Friends, this is seriously one of the simplest events you can plan for your homeschool group as long as you have some interested families.

I know some of you are throwing your first Shakespeare Festival this fall or spring -- will you please let me know how it goes?

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