Tuesday, July 23, 2019

2019 CMEC Summer Retreat {Recap}

Have I mentioned here that I LOVE the Annual CMEC Retreat? Oh yeah, I have. Well, going back this year was a balm and a joy, to meet up with good friends and make new ones, to get a chance to brainstorm with like-minded moms about philosophy and education, to be inspired by living ideas at every turn.

All the work Amy and I put into our talks for this retreat (over six months worth of thinking and writing!) was worth it.

no filter -- just crazy blue skies until I hit the East Coast!

My flight there was delayed, but my mind was clear and I got a TON of work done so I almost didn't mind. :)

I flew in early again so we could had to the museum the day before the retreat -- it's a tradition! Last year we went to Cloisters in New York, and this year we went to the Philadelphia Art Museum.

I was so impressed. Their collection is fantastic.

And lunch after!

The Barnes Museum

Some of the best ladies I know. This picture is sadly missing Dawn Duran, who was taking it! (And many others coming next, which she very kindly shared. It is hard to take photos at an event when you are one of the ones running it!)

The retreat began the next morning. Our overall theme was the formation of character in the Mason model. The first day, Amy set the stage with the overall scope of a living approach to character. I covered how character is built through the curriculum. And Amy spent the afternoon on citizenship: how we might define character through citizenship, the components of citizenship in the programme, and an afternoon of immersion lessons and reflection time. That evening was our off-site dinner with Dr. Jeanne Schindler as our speaker. I really appreciate her as a thinker and as a person.

The second day we focused on habit training for younger children, for older children, and for mothers -- all offered from a living perspective. We also did a fun Q and A panel and offered some final ideas to close. A very full two days! I met so many wonderful ladies.

Interspersed were poetry recitations, Swedish drill, brush drawing, book binding, singing, and more!

They will be packaging the talks once again this year and offering them along with the beautifully-designed handbook on the CMEC website -- hopefully by early September! I'll update here when those are ready.

For now, I'll be missing these ladies and the wonderful work they are doing over on the East Coast. It is good to together every so often for refreshment and mind-food. I'm planning a trip back for another retreat in October and I can't wait.


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